Part 2 – starting to take form

So its been a week or so since starting, and the guys have really got a lot done in a short period of time

Progress pics below.

They are almost at the stage where the majority of the sleepers are set in place, and the frame of the fence can go in

They have also started to set the aggregate pipe for drainage just behind the retaining wall.


Nice sunset

A beautiful view from the backyard this afternoon. A golden sunset to end the day!



Part 2 – More progress

A few more posts going in and now around to the front of the house

They have also set some sleepers in place before levelling out and cementing the posts. Each one of the sleepers weigh 45KG so its a bit of an effort to get so many set in such a short period of time. Great work so far



Part 2 – Scope creep

Ok so in previous posts I mentioned the fence and concrete retaining wall will be installed as the next part of the landscaping work… that plan has now expanded a little!

We are still going to be doing the original works, but the job is growing so that the retaining wall continues the length of the side of the home and all the way around to the front.

This will allow the front levels to match the back, giving us a larger usable space in the future. It is also more economical to do this job in one go as the labour goes up slightly if we split the job in to 2 parts – bonus!

See the image below for the original(green) vs updated(blue) works

scope creep






Concrete Sleepers Canberra

They have a pretty good setup there and the staff know their products inside out. Click here to go to their website – support your locals.

Some basic info:

  • Each sleeper they sell is reinforced with 2 steel bars for extra strength
  • they make sleepers in 3 colours and plain uncoloured concrete
  • there are 7 different patterns and a plain / smooth sleeper
  • they come unsealed and it is up to the customer to seal them or not
  • All sleeper posts are galvanised and come in various lengths (depending on how high your wall needs to be
  • they supply fence brackets for seamless integration of colorbond fence posts into the retaining wall
  • sleeper post covers can be purchased if necessary

Here are some pics of their display:


We are going for Stackstone in charcoal!